SpatialOS Based MMO Fractured Releases Gameplay Trailer, Announces Kickstarter Campaign

The SpatialOS powered sandbox MMO Fractured released their first gameplay video today which includes about 15 minutes of "pre-alpha" gameplay in a procedurally generated map. Fractured aims to be an isometric ARPG style game like Diablo / Path of Exile but with persistent open world MMORPG elements.

The studio behind the game, Dynamight Studios, claims to have already raised "over $100,000" from a group of private investors in March and is now aiming to raise an additional $250,000 on Kickstarter. Their campaign is set to launch on June 1st.

As with any other MMO relying on crowdfunding, I remain quite skeptical about Fractured. The head honcho behind Fractured, Jacopo Pietro Gallelli, says that his 7 man team is able to develop such an ambitious MMO so efficiently thanks to SpatialOS. I distinctly remember Chronicles of Elyria saying something similar during their crowdfunding phase only to drop SpatialOS years later.

Even if the Kickstarter campaign raises $250,000, I doubt that's enough to finish the game. Still, it'll bring them closer to a finished product and it may allow them to raise more money from investors.

According to Jacopo Pietro Gallelli's public LinkedIn Profile, he's previously worked at Myhtyn Interactive and MegaZebra. Myhtyn worked on the now defunct Ultima Online esque MMORPG Link Realms. At Zebra Interactive Mr. Gallelli worked on the casual Facebook games Suburbia and Suburbia 2.