Splash Damage Ditches Nexon, Chooses to Self Publish


Splash Damage, the developers of online team shooter Dirty Bomb have acquired the publishing rights for their free to play title from Nexon.

Nexon has been publishing the game since 2015, but all publishing responsibilities including marketing, servers, management, and anti-cheat will move over with the new agreement once the ink dries.

This move was in part motivated to address one of the most important issues plaguing the game: Hackers. Splash Damage has already announced that they would be ditching the current anti-cheat in favor of EasyAntiCheat which is successfully deployed by some of the biggest shooters.

Interestingly, Splash Damage will be creating a new publishing arm called Warchest to house Dirty Bomb. This move hints that the studio could have plans to publish additional games in the future.

Splash Damage put out a great video detailing the deal and what it means for players in the weeks and months ahead: