Square Enix Cafe Opening in Shanghai December 17th

The Square Enix Cafe is opening in Shanghai on December 17th, 2017 and will be the first one outside of Japan. As the name implies, the cafe is Square Enix themed and features design and even dishes from the iconic Final Fantasy franchise. Craving some Red Mage Berry Cake or Titan's Earthfury Hamburger? Make sure to drop by! Cocktails are even served in potion like containers to better fit the Final Fantasy theme.

The Shanghai store will open with a Final Fantasy XIV theme specifically and feature a gift shop where diners can purchase everything from cute slime plushies (Dragon Quest) to various figurines.

This actually sounds pretty neat and if I had one of these near me I'd definitely check it out. Too bad they're only available in Japan and China for the time being.

The Cranberry Mojito is obviously most useful when missing HP while the Blueberry Mojito is for recovering that MP.

See some additional pictures over the official Square Enix Cafe website.