Star Conflict Evolves With The Release Of Its Latest Update


The sci-fi genre at large has produced a number of bizarre and awe-inspiring spacecraft over the years, but I don't think I've ever seen any quite as bizarre as those found Star Conflict's new Ellydium Corporation branch in playable form. The new vessels are part crew compartment and part actual crystal. Players can spend "Xenocrystals" to "evolve" the crystals that their ships are made up of, granting them "unique characteristics" in the process.

The Ellydium Corporation is making its debut with the Thar'Ga, a gunship that is pictured above. The vessel has five different variations, each of which "significantly" alter its appearance and characteristics.

The five variations are described as follows.

The ‘Crystal Hunger’ variation is a perfect for bold and determined pilots. It is a high-speed vessel with a high rate of fire power that swiftly navigates the battlefield, overwhelming its enemies. For more composed captains, the ‘Hive’ variation transforms into a full-fledged mothership that is capable of launching combat drones from a safe distance. Another notable variation, ‘Condensing Crystals’, equips the vessel with a powerful, long-range missile launcher. Each hit leaves shards of healing crystals behind, which a calculating sniper can collect to restore its own hull after clearing the enemy from an area.

You can read more about Star Conflict's Evolution update here.

Star Conflict: update 1.4 «Evolution»