Star Conflict Enters The Age Of Destroyers


Star Conflict officially entered the Age of Destroyers today with Update 1.3. This update introduced an entirely new class of spacecraft; Destroyers. The fourth class of ship to be added to Star Conflict moves slower, but carries guns on either side of its hull, "giving [it] all-round offensive and defensive capability." All-new, Destroyer-specific modules have been added, as well, such as the Black Hole Generator, which allows players to increase maneuverability through a set of jump points that can be used to escape dicey situations.

Several new maps have been added to the game, three of which are set in environments that have yet to be seen in Star Conflict. Leviathan is a "giant" space station where players are given the ability to fight in its "cavernous hallways" and "narrow passages" in addition to being able to fight outside in open space. Nordstar Crash is an asteroid battlefield with "the remains of a Nordstar dreadnought in the center." Ambrosia-VII Factory is a factory on an abandoned asteroid, filled with "rivers of lava, factory tunnels, and secret passages." The team assures players that these are all "perfectly balanced" for PvP.

Two new Open Space maps were introduced alongside the new map types. Omega Station is an abandoned space harbor. Depot 15 is a long abandoned mining site.

Several other changes were made. The Ice Pits, Research Center, and Warden Outpost Ruins have been made available in PvP, having previously been available only in Open Space. Daily tournaments are being held "during the holidays." The full list of changes can be found here.