Steep Will Be Free To Play This Weekend Only

I've rather enjoyed the time I've spent on Steep, but perhaps you will need a bit more convincing than simply half a sentence. Should you be on the fence about buying Ubisoft's winter sports pseudo-MMO, you can try it for free this weekend as part of a free weekend event.

In addition to the free weekend, starting tomorrow, Steep will be heavily discounted over the next few weeks. On Xbox One, the Standard Edition will be 50% off and the Gold Edition will be 40% off until March 21st. PlayStation 4 users will see the same discounts as Xbox One users, but the PlayStation 4 versions will only be discounted until March 15th. On PC, both the Standard and Gold Editions will be 40% off until March 15th.

As with all Ubisoft free weekends, should you take part and later decide to purchase the game, you will be able to keep the progress you made during the free weekend.

You can read more about Steep's upcoming free weekend here.