Summoners War Celebrates 5th Anniversary With A Tree-Planting Drive

summoners war shiny armor

Mobile turn-based strategy MMO Summoner’s War is turning five! To celebrate the occasion, Com2US has launched a global CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) event that aims to plant a Mangrove forest with the help of the players themselves. Don’t worry, you’ll still get in-game rewards but you’ll also be rewarding the planet Earth and future generations with a healthier and greener environment in the process.

“Users across the world will participate in the event to collect Donation Fruits. When the total number of Donation Fruits reaches 50 million then Com2uS will make a donation to the Korea Green Foundation to support global environment improvement. The donation will be used to create and preserve a mangrove forest for future generations to live in a healthier environment, prevent global warming and help towards restoring the ecosystem.”

The event is now live and Summoners can now take part in individual and group missions for a chance at acquiring exclusive rewards and collect Donation Fruits. Check out the Summoner’s War official site for more info and kudos to Com2US for caring about the environment!