Superdata Releases Digital Games Report for February, 2019: Hearthstone Revenue down 52% Year over Year

Superdata Research released their Worldwide Digital Games Market report for February 2019. The highlight for the report is that Apex Legends had the best launch month of any free to play game ever, earning ~$92 million in its launch month and taking the #6 spot on the list of highest grossing PC games.

Dungeon Fighter Online and League of Legends once again took the #1 and #2 spots on the PC, while more interestingly, Apex Legends was the #6 highest grossing PC game in the world despite just launching earlier in the month. I suspect in March the game's position will be significantly higher on the list as well. The highest grossing mobile games for the month remained largely the same as previous months with games like Honor of Kings (Arena of Valor), Candy Crush Saga, and Fate/Grand Order making up the top 3 games.

Another highlight from the report is that Hearthstone had its largest year over year decline ever in February with revenues down 52% across all platforms year over year. The cause of the decline could be game fatigue along with competition from Magic the Gathering: Arena.

Source: Superdata Research