sZone Previews Patch


sZone Online is so close to patch 1.0, but it isn't quite ready for its inevitable move out of Early Access. Today, Cybertime System have unveiled some of the contents of the latest patch to the STALKER-inspired MMORPG. The patch is set to be released sometime later this week, but they have given players an early look at what to expect.

A new map, "Old Road to Lubecht," has been introduced with its own quests, a new monster—the "Fly"—and a new dungeon. A new PDA interface puts all of the game's menus in one place. Players can now play as mutants on PvE servers. The map now shows bases and forts that can be captured. A friends list system has been added.

Much more is being added or changed in this update. For the full details, check out the Steam Community announcement.


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