Tarisland Previews The Majestic Floating City Of SilverLit And Its Explosive History

tarisland silverlit floating city

Over the past few months, Tencent has been busy touting the improvements and changes coming to Tarisland in time for its second closed beta test in November. This time around, we’re getting something a bit more meatier as the team offers fans a preview of the floating city of SilverLit in a new developer blog.

The blog post offers insight into the history and lore of SliverLit, which the team describes as a city renowned for its diverse culture and magnificent architecture. The city started as a wizard academy that blew up due to mysterious reasons, was rebuilt by a renowned craftsman, and was gifted to the prestigious Capulet family.

The team also highlighted several points-of-interest in the city, including a famous statue, the bustling marketplace, and the newly constructed Starlight magic academy.

We can likely expect to see more zone and feature previews in the lead up to the second closed beta test. We’ll be sure to keep you updated.