Tartaros Online Launching in November

While browsing GamenGame.com I stumbled upon the landing page for Tartaros Online which read "Coming on November". Poor English aside, it looks like Tartaros Online will finally be launching in English in 3 months. Previously the game was listed as "coming soon" over on GamesCampus, but soon never seemed to come around. It's a 3D anime inspired MMORPG which looks a bit like Fly For Fun or Grand Fantasia.

Tartaros Online isn't exactly a new game though. It originally launched in South Korea back in 2009 and has launched elsewhere in Southeast Asia before too. Given its age, It's definitely odd to see it launching in 2017. I can't imagine too many people are eager to play this one, but who knows. Maybe it'll surprise us. After all, Tartaros Online is the self-proclaimed "Best Anime 3D MMORPG":

The game also has a snazzy anime trailer:

  • ZeonZ

    This game is really fun! i tried korean version and it is amazing, well gamengame did step up a bit when it comes to events/updates even so most of their games are old ones but i will give it a try!

  • darkfyra

    Is it pay2win?

  • Zariarn

    I guess better waaaay late than never, haha.

  • Steven1229

    Wasn't gamescampus going to publish this game? I remember seeing the banner on the front page for a while I guess GameNGame took over. I always wanted to try this game because i loved the soundtrack but never got to actually play the game.

    • ZeonZ

      Gamecampus got bought by webzen so they give up from tartaros i guess gamengame took it now

  • AyenteX Skiaro

    I wouldn't get high hopes when GamenGame will be the publisher they don't show any effort in the games they publish they also republished Eloa and because they didn't cared it died and at the end they made it p2w af