The Foxy Vulpera Might Just Be The Next Allied Race In World Of Warcraft

world of warcraft vulpera bannerAlong with the rumors floating around about a possible level squish, speculation is rife within the World of Warcraft community about the next playable race coming to the classic fantasy MMORPG. Here’s more fuel for the fire. Dataminers have recently extracted information pointing to the fox-like Vulpera as the next race joining the Allied Races lineup.

“A Wowhead reader found a trace of Vulpera code in the game’s files that suggests the race will show up in a cutscene as a player character,” writes Blizzard Watch. “You can see the list includes all of the other playable races to slot into player’s spot in the cutscene, and now it clearly reads Vulpera.”

world of warcraft vulpera datamined

Blizzard has yet to confirm the truth behind the rumors but the Vulpera seem like a good choice considering their popularity in the current Battle for Azeroth expansion. We’ll let you know as soon as we get a whiff of new information.