The Repopulation Devs Address Issues Concerning Server Wipes

the repopulation boss battleServer wipes are a touchy subject for any online gamer. No one wants to see their hard-earned gold, gear, weapons, and skills disappear in the blink of an eye. But, there are cases when starting from scratch is absolutely necessary. In the case of upcoming MMORPG The Repopulation, the launch servers will be different from the current test servers so there’s really no going around the fact everyone will be starting over come launch day.

Aside from the unavoidable restart on launch day, Developer Hero Games also plans a number of partial and full system wipes during the course of the game’s development. Since this is a big issue the studio decided to address the community’s concerns early on in a recently published dev blog.

“We pay close attention to all the questions and concerns raised by the players across multiple forums including In-game, Discord, Steam, Facebook and Twitter and even on our own official forums. Most of them revolve around the whens and what, especially regarding the potential Server wipes. We recognize that this is an increasingly valid concern amongst all players and we can begin to address a few of these questions now and open up discussions for later on as well.”

According to Hero Games, they will be implementing two types of wipes: Partial and Full. “A partial wipe is exactly as it sounds, a wipe targeting a certain aspect of the game. This could include anything from resetting a particular skill to clearing player housing data,” says the studio.

As for full server wipes, the devs say that, “We remain open to the possibility for one full wipe to occur at the end depending on how testing and development goes. Although the probability of a Full Server Wipe is low, we do want to make sure that we have only the clean systems and the best game play for the last phase prior to launch.”

Hero Games also reassures players that Backer Perks and Perks purchased from the in-game store will be tied to their accounts and will remain there regardless of any server wipe. “There is nothing worse than claiming a Perk or making a purchase from the in-game store only to have it gone at launch. This will not be the case in The Repopulation.”