Star Anvil’s The Secret World Tabletop RPG Now Available For Pre-Order On Backerkit

the secret world supernatural mmorpg original key art

The Secret World fans who missed getting a copy of Star Anvil Studios’ tabletop version of the supernatural MMORPG during its Kickstarter drive last October can now pre-order the game through crowdfunding site Backerkit.

The pre-order bundle includes a copy of the 240-page rulebook, a power deck, and a 150-page art book. The bundle is available in digital format for $40 or in physical form by way of a $60 print voucher for DriveThru RPG. Do note that you’ll need to pay for printing and shipping costs should you opt to purchase the voucher.

DriveThru RPG charges $41 for premium color printing, $20 for standard color printing, $16 for power cards, and $6 monster cards. Vouchers for pre-generated characters, monster cards, and a collector’s edition cover are also available for purchase on the crowdfunding site. A physical version of the game will set you back at least $100 in addition to shipping costs.

Interested backers will have until May 1st to submit and pay for their pledges on Backerkit. “You can still edit your address until the deadline, but your pledge level, optional buys, and additional items will be locked the moment the order is finalized. So be sure to fill out your survey carefully, including all the products you want,” warns Star Anvil.