The Tale of Toast Comes to Early Access on Steam, Celebrates 3rd Birthday!

Exactly three years ago today, on January 25th, 2015, The Tale of Toast saw its first line of code committed to the project. Now, Tale of Toast has announced a roadmap, with an Alpha Test weekend, balance testing, and a launch on February 23rd! Oddly though, despite the game's store page being up, the public won't be able to download and play it until Feb 23.

This is the date you've been waiting for - the date when Tale of Toast will be playable each and every day! All databases (including character data) will be wiped so everyone starts with empty accounts. There will be servers in EU and USA. Will you be the first one to max out your character on the live servers?

This is definitely an exciting time for Tale of Toast, which has come a long way since its Greenlight Trailer. Check it out down below! For those eager to play now, all players with an Alpha Key can play from January 26th, until January 29th - no matter if players are on Windows, OSX, or Linux.