Titan Siege Enters Open Beta


Remember Gamesco, the "networked" video game publisher formed by ex-Bigpoint and Jagex employee, Rob Ollett? Their first published title, Titan Siege, officially entered Open Beta on December 31st, just barely keeping their word to release their first game before the year was out. Both EU and US servers are now online and can be played.

Practically no information is available on the official website, much less screenshots or videos. The guide has not been created yet. The game has not been advertised. The whole thing feels just a bit hastily thrown together and doesn't give a great first impression for Ollett's "networked publisher" concept, nor does it give the impression that an industry veteran is behind it.

In looking for information, I found a single video posted to the r/mmorpg subreddit. Supposedly, Titan Siege is a PvP-heavy MMORPG that launched in Korea some time ago. Throughout various nitpicks, the video's creator notes that it has an open PvP system after a certain level with an unspecified amount of gear dropped at death. The game appears to focus heavily on pets and mounts, as it is stated you will get a wolf pet very early on. Two other important details revealed are that practically no one is playing currently—barely anyone seems to have noticed it went into Open Beta to begin with—and that various parts of the game are still untranslated. It was supposedly in Closed Beta for a mere week before it was launched into Open Beta to no fanfare.

This is not the best first impression for Gamesco. They plan to launch more games in the future—even boasting that they could launch several simultaneously—but if they are all rushed as this one appears to have been, one has to wonder if anyone will even take notice.