Tom Clancy's EndWar Online Officially Launches On Steam


I had completely forgotten that Tom Clancy's EndWar was receiving a casual free-to-play spin-off entitled Tom Clancy's EndWar Online until it landed on Steam today. It had been in Closed Beta for a while—I even signed up—but I hadn't heard anything about the game in quite some time. Much like Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms and Might and Magic Heroes Online, the game has been almost intentionally low-key. Much like the latter, it is also a heavily cash shop-oriented game.

EndWar Online continues where EndWar left off. Players can choose from the US Joint Strike Force, the European Enforcer Corps, and the Russian Spetsnaz and begin reclaiming and rebuilding their homeland. A variety of PvE and PvP modes—including a single-player campaign—are available to take part in. Hero commanders can be unlocked and trained before being used in lane-based, MOBA-esque combat scenarios.

Should this interest you, it is available now on Steam. Early Steam reviews are not positive. The cash shop and the game constantly pestering you to become a VIP member are common complaints.