Toram Online Receives Major Winter Content Update


ASOBIMO have announced that they have just launched Toram Online's winter update. Contrary to most winter updates, the mobile MMORPG has not received any new seasonal events. Instead, a host of new content has been added for the holiday season.

The winter update introduced three new maps, all part of The Saham Underground Cave. The final boss is Boss Roga, a new boss that uses "wide AoE attacks and its henchmonsters." The boss is said to require multiple players and cooperation as a team to defeat.

New story missions have been added for these new maps. The new story missions will finish out Chapter 2 and begin Chapter 3.

To compensate for the new content, the level cap has been raised to 75. A bevy of new Stat and Skill points will be distributed to players who reach the cap. Additionally, new recipes have been made available at the blacksmith. Players can now upgrade their characters even more with the new gear.

Toram Online is available on iOS and Android.