Asobimo, Inc.

Asobimo, Inc. is a Japanese online game developer and publisher that specializes in creating visually impressive MMORPG games for smartphones.

Official Site:
Company Size: 100+
Region(s): Japan
Year Founded: 2007
Phone Number: -

Asobimo, Inc. was founded in Japan in March 2007 with the aim of becoming one of the leading online games companies in Japan. They specialize in developing free-to-play MMORPG style games with stunning graphics for various mobile platforms. They are the company behind Iruna Online, a popular mobile game with more than 3.5 million users. The game was released for both Android and iOS devices. Asobimo, Inc. envisions developing games that can be played and enjoyed across multiple platforms at the same time, including smartphones, PC’s, and gaming consoles. They are currently based in Tokyo, Japan and headed by President and CEO Katsunori Kondo.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games developed by Asobimo, Inc.:

Iruna Online (Android/ iOS)
Celes Arca (Android/ iOS)
Elicia Online (Android/ iOS)
Izanagi Online (Android/ iOS)
Stellacept Online (Android/ iOS)
Aurcus Online (Android/ iOS)
AVABEL Online (Android/ iOS)
Petit Chronicle (Android/ iOS)
School of Saviors (Android/ iOS)
EL DORADO (Android/ iOS)
GODGAMES (Android/ iOS)
Toram Online (Android/ iOS)
Alchemia Story
Gate of Rebellion

Contact Info

Asobimo Contact Information:

Email Address:
Telephone Number: -
Corporate Address: 3-1-2, Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0014, Japan

Useful Links
Asobimo Wikipedia Profile
Asobimo Official Website

  • dan justine angeles

    I'm playing Aurcus Online and then I accidentally pressed the button where you buy coins and then I cancelled it and now when I open aurcus online, there's this notification where it says "previous purchased was suspended, now processing restoration" and when I click the ok button, it always closes. I even tried to restart my iphone and reinstall the app but it's still the same. Hope to know what's wrong.

  • Richard Kipgen

    Guys I'm in a deeeeep problem I've tried
    every and all means I know and could find on google. OK here it goes I play iruna, but my new phone somehow doesn't support iruna or something. I open iruna and it closes in a second while the authorisations is on progress . please help me out I've tried every and all means and I don't have enough cash to buy a new phone . My phone is LYF wind 7 android 5.1 os

    • gevons tria

      Check the app permissions first. This is a common problem when an application don't have the necessary permissions. You can give the app the permission it needs by going to the Application Manager on the Phone Settings.

      • Richard Kipgen

        Mr gevons I don't think that's the problem because I can play toram,arcus,avabel I tried it all and I did go through the terms of iruna. And when I say I did everything possible I mean I did everything possible,all the tips and advice's I could find in google.
        I've spent a lot of my time in iruna,made friends found lovers and I have had a great adventure for 2years so if there is any other method you know please notify me it means a lot to me.
        Thanks for responding to my distress,I appreciate that you concerned about it

  • Darkstar Prime

    Need help guys! In toram online they added something called our own land or something i accessed on of my friends land and just about when it was done loading it crashed and ever since then it keeps crashing

  • Patrick Yurconic

    Here is the problem I need all my email addresses submitted erased from account

  • Patrick Yurconic

    Ok guys on Toram Online someone hacked my account so I need to find out how to call support and have them delete all email addresses submitted from my account

  • schwarzeschwinge

    DONT INSTALL THE TRASH FROM ASOBIMO. SUPPORT have no intend to help anyone, even if u have a urgent matter (u get only a auto-reply massage) (wait since nearly 4 month for a message and help)paid 475 € for nothing. Fuck it i'm really angry.

    • Darkstar Prime

      I don't know if I can completely agree with you(cause you're mostly right about customer support) but I've been playing the game since it's initial launch so I'm kinda hooked up to it

      • schwarzeschwinge

        I know i'm too, but i payed around 5000 € at all, get no help at the end and alone in the month there the problem happend 475€. It's sad but i don't have the will to pay or play something like that annymore if the support don't do theyre work.

  • sevensun

    I'm done. Registered to my Abismo account and when I clicked on the link it gave a registered confirmation. Password didn't work . Attempted to reset and it told me my account was registered to another email. The develop told me sorry we don't do account inquiries. I'm done. Never again.

  • Jan Doffy

    Hello..i player izanagi i cost to much....but why my rate to farming boss still got low never got good item please fix....(yuuko)

  • twin slash

    kizuna a.i not play toram 🙁 ?

  • silent_blue

    Dear asobimo, i like your game. I play all your game If you want make new game i have a little suggestion for you maybe its not much but if you apply my idea your game will be more interesting. Here my email for more detail if you take interest.

  • Irregular

    Garbage company; favors P2W model after being f2p for years. Literally years of gameplay wasted. Do not play their games unless you are a cuck.