Toram Online Begins Ultimate Week: Defeat Bosses For Epic Rewards


Toram Online's Ultimate Week has begun, a special international event where the more non-storyline bosses—"Warmongers"—defeated, the more rewards players will earn. And it's cumulative. So the whole world has to work together to defeat as many Warmongers as they can to earn prizes.

But the Warmongers must be defeated in Ultimate mode, the hardest difficulty. So noobs are not going to be helping on this one. Players will have to travel to Haotas Ravine, West-Northwest of Sofya City to engage the monster.

You'll want to get together with a party too. A party of four that works together to defeat one Warmonger, will count as four defeated towards the overall kill-count. Time to make some friends, or call on old ones.

The rewards are as follow:

  • 2,500 [Warmongers]
    Revive Droplet x10
  • 5,000
    Tenert’s Book II x3
  • 10,000
    Orb x3 (In-game Paid Currency)

The event runs from today, September 13th, until September 20th. So charge up those phones and start hacking away at Warmongers.