Tree of Life Officially Launches In August

tree of life constructionNews about sandbox MMO Tree of Life has been scarce since the devs decided to switch from open-world PvP to a more controlled factional PvP system in September 2016. After over two years in Early Access, OddOneGames has just announced that the game will officially launch in August 2017.

Fans will be happy to know that the official release version will come with a number of major improvements to the game. OddOneGames writes:

“At the time of the Official Release, the new game engine, called ‘Clay 2 Engine’, will have been designed and developed for the new Tree of Life. As for the veterans of the game, they will see the game graphics have been significantly improved. Moreover, the game UI has been completely re-designed in light of a much needed UX improvement: an easy to use, good-looking UI. The PvP-content will also undergo massive improvement and polishing, the game will become more enjoyable but also much more intense.”

Of course, no official launch announcement would be complete without an official launch trailer to go with it. Check it out after the jump. You can also head over to the Tree of Life Steam Page and Steam Community Page for more info.

  • Preciel

    i wonder who would actually play this tbh it doesn't seem like it has any longevity just like how the community of salem, haven and hearth died rather quickly. though haven is actually fun compared to tree of life which is damn annoying wait grinder.

    • P3lli

      Agree. Tree of Life is fun the first 2 hours then It comes downhill all the way to the bottom. The game has so many design flaws that I dont think anyone will stick with the game to even create a community. Like you said, if someone want a similar experience they will go for Haven & Hearth or even give money to Crowfall.

      Btw: I curse the day the dev from Cube World stopped working 100% on it.