Tree of Savior Server Merge Incoming for NA and SEA

Tree of Savior fans should brace themselves for big changes with the recently announced server merges happening for the North America and South East Asia regions.

Scheduled to take place on March 18th, the upcoming merge will leave ToS players with one Klaipeda portal (from combining the current Orsha and Klaipeda servers) for the NA region, and one Telsiai portal (from combining the current Varena and Telsiai servers) for the SEA region.

Players with teams on both servers will need to act fast however, as characters on their "secondary team may not remain in the [new] merged server".

One of your teams will be automatically selected as your main team, based on the following criteria:

1st priority: Highest total of EXP (sum of all characters in team)
2nd priority: Largest number of characters in team

You can expect most data from your main team to remain unaltered after the merge, but you may lose some data from your secondary team.

Any excess characters and items left in the secondary team inventory will be deleted. IMC Games has also issued a rather ominous warning in regards to excess characters during the server merge...

Excess characters will not be allowed (this depends on your total of character slots available). Please purchase additional slots or delete unwanted characters before the merge.

If you still have excess characters in your Lodge, some characters of your secondary team may become unavailable and you will not be able to login to the game after the server merge, so make sure to prepare in advance.

Tree of Savior's playerbase has been dwindling rapidly since its launch in 2016. According to the latest Steam Charts, the game has only seen 1,600 players on average in the past month. While the server merges should come as no surprise to ToS's dedicated fans, this haphazard server maneuver may just put their loyalty to the test.

  • Basi

    Don't they have a mobile release coming out soon?

    If numbers start to get better - maybe pick a console to release it on. Plays great with a Controller, and would surely help numbers as well.

    • Filipe Bicca

      A console release would be awesome, they fixed a whole bunch of problems the game had already and as you said it plays great with a controller!!!

  • Ricardo Tavares

    Hmm I understand you can't cover all news regarding all games...
    But ToS has also been launching multiple patches and new content in order to fix many of the problems of the game.
    It's a shame that goes under the radar 🙁

  • Zoola

    i enjoyed the game i played till lvl 200 but its a decent game seems to get some bad press but didnt feel the need to buy cash shop stuff so thats always a plus

  • wavempty

    brazilians ruined it

    • Preciel

      could you explain the details? i would love to know what happen xD

      • wavempty

        some brazilians trolls ruined the experience for other players and also the economy that with the game being held by a bunch of retards created a catastrophe.