Trek Industries Wants To Make ORION "The Ultimate Space Game"


ORION has been out on Steam Early Access for almost a year now. In that time, it has become about what ORION: Prelude was before it: an entertaining, but incredibly janky shooter about shooting hordes of dinosaurs in the face. But developer Trek Industries has continuously aspired for more. Since the project began, they've intended for it to be an open world MMO shooter set in a world where you shoot dinosaurs—and each other—in the face. It would, of course, also feature a racing module because why wouldn't it?

It seems that those aspirations have hit a high point, as Trek Industries has taken to Kickstarter asking for another $40,000 to finish the game. Taking what appears to be a direct shot at Star Citizen, the following quote sums up their intentions well.

We all want the ultimate space game.  If you've been let down or lied to by other Space games, we are here to remedy this.

For those keeping track, they would have to sell approximately 57,721 copies of the game on Steam at the current price of $0.99 to make the kind of money that they're asking for after Steam's cut. According to Steam Spy, they've sold, at minimum, 239,021 copies, or approximately $165,641.55—assuming that everyone bought the game at the price of $0.99—which means that the total amount of funding earned after release would be somewhere in the completely hypothetical realm of $200,000, with which they want to make "the ultimate space game."

But not only are they promising "the ultimate space game," they're also promising that you will get the game quickly. You know, because, if anything inspires confidence, it's knowing that the developers will literally rush it to my digital doorstep.

When it comes to ORION, it's not about if you'll receive it - but how fast you'll receive it!  

I applaud the Trek Industries crew for their tenacity and overall ambition, but they're asking for $40,000 to make "the ultimate space game" that is, in fact, so "ultimate" that it is "$1 for life." I wish them all the best, but I'm not optimistic about the results, not least of all because I've played ORION: Prelude.