Trion World's Voxel MMO Trove Surpasses 15 Million Players Worldwide

Trion Worlds announced today that their hit free to play voxel based MMORPG Trove surpassed 15 million players worldwide. This figure isn't an "active" player count and instead just counts everyone who has ever played Trove. Still, 15 million players is quite impressive. Trion Worlds released the following fun statistics:

  • 6,584,382,807 Blocks Placed (almost the amount of kilometers from the Earth to Pluto!)
  • 10,234,600,287 Blocks Destroyed (you all destroyed even more blocks than you built!)
  • 237,203,112 Quests Completed
  • 4,520,061 Dragon Mounts Unlocked
  • 352,837,481 Clubs Entered
  • 119,881,221 Piñata Parties Thrown
  • 161,977,123.98 lifetime hours across all players
  • 18,490.54 lifetime years across all players
  • 184.91 lifetime centuries across all players. (No millenia yet...but give us another 14 years!)

The game expanded into China last year through the publisher "360 Games" and is launching in Japan on the PS4 later in 2018 through DMM Games. While Trove's Steam playerbase has been in decline since launch, the game is available on Consoles and off-Steam as well.