Trove Adding New Battle Royale Like Game Mode "Bomber Royale" This Summer

In case you're not quite tired of battle royale just yet, Trove is adding their own take on it titled "Bomber Royale" this summer. Bomber Royale features 20 players who must fight to the death using bombs and grappling hooks in an ever shrinking map. One aspect of Bomber Royale that should help differentiate it from other battle royale games is its destructible environments.

Players who participate in Bomber Royale earn a special currency which can be used to get loot boxes and other special goodies. XP earned and items won during the new game mode will also carry on over to regular characters as well.

So which game do you think will add a battle royale game mode next? I suspect we'll see more and more MMOs embracing it. I think we'll see a World of Warcraft battle royale PvP mode eventually.

Source: Official Announcement