Trove Reveals Additional Info On Upcoming Adventures Expansion

trove adventures forbidden spire biomeIt’s been a few weeks since Trove developer Trion Worlds announced the upcoming free expansion called Adventures. The studio’s latest press release reveals additional information about the changes coming to the voxel game when the massive new expansion comes out in November.

Trove – Adventures presents players with a fully revamped Club system where they can customize their own player-created club worlds. Clubs connect Trovians with each other, allowing them to play together to go on adventures, level up their clubs, and power up their characters! All-new Fixtures are upgradable, customizable structures that players can create in their clubs, spawning iconic NPCs that will grant them epic adventures and provide club-wide buffs.”

The expansion will also introduce the new Forbidden Spires biome which will feature Asian-inspired architecture and designs. The biome will also include new NPCs, Lairs, and Dungeons including one inside a flying dragon. Talk about being in the belly of the beast.

In addition, Adventures will also feature the new Mastery system, revamped leaderboards, a new Adventure window, and new recipes called Frameworks for pre-built items like statues and buildings.

The Adventures expansion rolls out on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on November 14th. Learn more about the expansion in the video below.