Trove Teases Improved Gardening System With St. Qubelslick Gardening Event

trove garden pink flowersGardens are popping up all over Trove as St. Qubeslick 2019 hits the servers. The gardening event introduces eight new event quests that gives players a first-hand look at the new and improved gardening system coming to the voxel-building game later this year.

“Opening dungeon loot chests during the event grants Lucky Dust that can be used to craft Clover Seeds and Lucky Stars at the Wheel of Seasons bench. Plant your Clover Seeds and use your leet gardening skills to help them grow. Once these plants reach a crucial stage of development, you can toss Lucky Stars at them to imbue them with luck! Clovers that are imbued with enough luck with grow into Lucky Clovers; a new consumable item that boosts Magic Find by 50 for 1 hour.”

The event is now in full swing and will run until March 26th. Check out the Trove official site for more details.