Two More Forgotten MMORPGs Are Trying To Make It Onto Steam

Steam seems to be becoming somewhat of a refuge for older MMORPGs in recent times. So many MMORPGs have relaunched on the ever-popular digital storefront that we were able to make a substantial list of them. Unsurprisingly, this week brought two more games that are attempting to make it onto Steam with it: DK Online and MixMaster Online.

For those that don't know, DK Online's full name is "The Legend of the Dragon Knights." It was created by the South Korean companies RPG Factory and SG Internet and originally picked up here in the West by Aeria Games back in 2012. It entered Open Beta in January 2013 and subsequently shut down a mere three months later in April 2013. It's largely a traditional MMORPG with a Medieval European theme and a focus on PvP. If I recall correctly, its major selling point at the time was its then-high quality art.

Surprisingly, it is Masangsoft, the current maintainer of the GunZ series, that posted the game to Greenlight. This is the second time in the past year that a South Korean company has come out of left field with another company's game, the first being when Digimon Masters Online developer Move Games relaunched ASTA Online on Steam.

The other game that was posted to Greenlight this week is MixMaster Online. I don't know a whole lot about MixMaster, personally, but the game, which was developed by Aurora Game Studio, was originally released in Korea quite some time ago, but the English translation was just released earlier this year by Joyple Australia, despite a failed Kickstarter. It is a simpler 2D MMORPG that features more of a hack-'n-slash combat system that doesn't require players to use skills as much as many modern MMORPGs. The game servers are hosted in Australia, but the Greenlight page doesn't mention anything about region-locking.

Should you want to see either game on Steam, be sure to give them a Yes vote. DK Online's Greenlight page can be found here and MixMaster Online's Greenlight page can be found here.