Ubisoft Bans Nearly 19,000 Accounts For Abusing An Unrevealed Exploit

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Ubisoft has brought its mighty banhammer down on thousands of accounts for abusing an unrevealed exploit involving multiple titles. The studio is tight-lipped about the nature of the exploit but nearly 19,000 accounts have reportedly been caught in the massive banwave.

“Recently we have identified accounts making use of a fraudulent exploit within our titles,” tweeted Ubisoft. “Ubisoft has a zero tolerance policy against fraudulent practices as per our Code of Conduct. As a result, we will be applying account level sanctions on the nearly 19k accounts involved.”

An account level sanction means the ban applies to the entire Ubisoft account and not just to specific titles. This also means that banned users will subsequently lose access to all of the games in their account regardless of whether they paid for them or not.

Requests for more information about the said exploit has been met with silence, but there are a few potential reasons for the ban, including item duping and input spoofing, or using a console adapter to hide the fact that a keyboard and mouse is being used, particularly in multiplayer shooters like Rainbow Six.

Innocent users who were inadvertently caught up in the banwave may file a ticket to have the ban investigated and hopefully reversed. You’ll probably have to wait a while before the support team can get back to you as they’re apparently being flooded with messages.