Upcoming Project Nemesis Raid Now Live On The Dungeons And Dragons Online Test Server

dungeons and dragons onlineTake “Project Nemesis”, the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Online raid for a spin starting today on the Lamannia Test Server. Project Nemesis is a new level 32 Legendary Raid and the second raid of the upcoming Masterminds of Sharn expansion. The new raid also comes with a number of small changes.

  • "The Labrythine Edge" (Raid Kukri) now has the effect "Enhanced Bloodrage: This weapon is enhanced by blood - your blood! Each time you take damage or kill an enemy, there is a small chance that you will fall into an unholy bloodrage, greatly increasing your Strength, Constitution, and Damage. However, this rage will leave you more vulnerable to Physical attacks, slightly reducing your Armor Class."
  • "Baz'Morath, the Curator of Decay" (Raid Greataxe) now has the effect "Disease: Unholy Tear: This weapon saps the vitality from your enemies, dealing 10d6 Evil damage on each hit to Good enemies. It also has a chance to spread its disease whenever you strike an enemy, which will reduce their Armor Class and Positive Healing Amplification."
  • "Stickerclick, the Bitter Hail of Bolts" (Raid Repeating Heavy Crossbow) has had it's effects overhauled and now has the following effects: "Sovereign Vorpal", "Bleeding 10", "Ranged Alacrity 20%", "Nearly Finished: Fetters of Unreality".

The test server will remain open from now until the evening of July 11th. The devs will be holding an in-game event on July 10th at 5pm PDT where they’ll be answering questions and collecting real-time feedback about the upcoming raid.

Find out more on the Dungeons and Dragons Online official forums.