Usagi Mimi on Carbuncle Server Is World's First Player to Hit Floor 200 in PotD Solo (FFXIV)

On January 18th, 2018 a player named Usagi Mimi on the Japanese server Carbuncle became the first player to reach floor 200 solo in Final Fantasy XIV's Palace of the Dead. This content was available since November 2016, but arguably it was impossible until the release of the Red Mage class with the Stormblood expansion on June 19th, 2017, which means it took 7 months for someone to finally complete this solo challenge and earn the special "The Necromancer" title.

Congratulations again to Usagi Mimi. I imagine it took hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of running Palace of the Dead for them to finally clear it solo. Wear your "The Necromancer" title proudly!

The solo leaderboards for Palace of the Dead can be viewed here.