V Rising Names Its Free Expansion ‘Secrets Of Gloomrot’ And Details Its Contents

v rising vampire mmorpg human village dusk

V Rising’s long-delayed first update, which is now being touted as a free expansion, finally has a name: Secrets of Gloomrot. The expansion is set to arrive in May and will open up a brand new zone called Gloomrot and will introduce multi-story castles, a territory system, legendary weapons, a new and improved spell school, and a jewel system for spells, all of which are outlined in Stunlock Studioslatest dev blog.

Players can also look forward to the addition of teleportation devices for faster travel within the new multi-story castles, new creepy castle décor, a more streamlined building interface, new hair styles, and custom lighting colors.

Secrets of Gloomrot will be the first of three major updates in the pipeline with the second update possibly marking the vampire survival MMO’s transition from early access to full release. Stunlock will also be releasing smaller patches to “improve the vampire experience” and get the game closer to their grand vision.

The exact timeline for the updates is still pretty much up in the air and there’s also the chance that some of the above-mentioned features won’t even be part of the upcoming expansion. But, it’s still something for content-starved players to look forward to and might even encourage players to return to their blood-sucking and human-enslaving ways.