Villains Are Making A Comeback In Hearthstone With The Rise Of Shadows Expansion

hearthstone villains meetIf you only knew the power of the dark side… of Hearthstone. Well, you’ll get to experience evil at its villainiest when the Rise of the Shadows expansion comes out on April 9th. The expansion features 135 new cards, new Arena rotations, and devious new mechanics. It’ll also kick off Hearthstone’s first ever year-long storyline.

“After suffering defeat at the hands of the League of Explorers, Arch-Thief Rafaam realized that his designs on Azeroth would require more roguery than he alone could muster. In the years since, he has dwelled in the shadows, recruiting the greatest antagonists Hearthstone has ever seen to join the League of E.V.I.L.—a veritable supergroup of villains from previous Hearthstone sets, including King Togwaggle, Madame Lazul, the irrepressible Dr. Boom, and Hagatha the Witch. In Rise of Shadows, these ne’er-do-wells will once again act on their nefarious intentions, aided by Hearthstone players looking to get their hands dirty.”

Rise of the Shadows introduces new card types to the field such as Lackeys, 1/1 minions with various Battlecries, and Schemes, Spells that grow more powerful the longer they remain in a player’s hand. The expansion also brings with it the Defenders of Dalaran and their Twinspells cards. Twinspells are Spells that create a copy of themselves which can be cast again at a later turn.

Rise of the Shadows’ launch also marks the start of the Year of the Dragon featuring new card rotations, Arena changes, a new single-player experience, random card backs, and much more. Pre-purchase the expansion now to get access to bonus card packs, a Golden Legendary card, a Hero, and an exclusive card back.

Check out the pair of trailers below for more info on the upcoming expansion. You can also head over to the Hearthstone official site to learn more.