Vindictus Announces Another Miri Event, This Time An Attendance Event!

Vindictus is aggressively promoting its next character, Miri, The Last Draker. From a registration package, to a Daily Quest event, the latest entry in the road to Miri's release has been announced for Vindictus - a Warm-Up Attendance Event!

Simply for logging in, players can receive special in-game goodies. Resetting every day at 12 PM, there are 14 different items to get!

  • Nov 22nd: 5x Merc Potions
  • Nov 23rd: 3 Goddess Graces
  • Nov 24th: 1 Gremlin Balloon Box
    • A Gremlin Balloon will follow you around in combat!
  • Nov 25th: 1 Totemic Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
    • A Totemic fragment can be traded within the same account
  • Nov 26th: 1 Totemic Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Nov 27th: 1 Moon Necklace
    • +300 ATT, +300 DEF, +3 Luck!
  • Nov 28th: 5x SP Potions
  • Nov 29th: 1 Brynn Elixir, grants 50 Brynn
  • Nov 30th: 3 Lion's Roar Stimulants
  • Dec 1st: Rare-quality Legendary Chunk
    • Keen, Stable, Lightweight, or Perfect chunks, one of your choosing!
  • Dec 2nd: 1 Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Dec 3rd: 1 Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Dec 4th: 1 Lubber's Sketchy Quality Coupon
  • Dec 5th: 1 Element Stone!

And on December 6th, Miri arrives! Get ready for what could be Vindictus's most interesting character yet!