Vindictus Announces Another Miri Event, This Time An Attendance Event!

Vindictus is aggressively promoting its next character, Miri, The Last Draker. From a registration package, to a Daily Quest event, the latest entry in the road to Miri's release has been announced for Vindictus - a Warm-Up Attendance Event!

Simply for logging in, players can receive special in-game goodies. Resetting every day at 12 PM, there are 14 different items to get!

  • Nov 22nd: 5x Merc Potions
  • Nov 23rd: 3 Goddess Graces
  • Nov 24th: 1 Gremlin Balloon Box
    • A Gremlin Balloon will follow you around in combat!
  • Nov 25th: 1 Totemic Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
    • A Totemic fragment can be traded within the same account
  • Nov 26th: 1 Totemic Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Nov 27th: 1 Moon Necklace
    • +300 ATT, +300 DEF, +3 Luck!
  • Nov 28th: 5x SP Potions
  • Nov 29th: 1 Brynn Elixir, grants 50 Brynn
  • Nov 30th: 3 Lion's Roar Stimulants
  • Dec 1st: Rare-quality Legendary Chunk
    • Keen, Stable, Lightweight, or Perfect chunks, one of your choosing!
  • Dec 2nd: 1 Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Dec 3rd: 1 Airtight Premium Enchant Rune Fragment
  • Dec 4th: 1 Lubber's Sketchy Quality Coupon
  • Dec 5th: 1 Element Stone!

And on December 6th, Miri arrives! Get ready for what could be Vindictus's most interesting character yet!

  • YaYanka

    Hei there fellas.,. Is there anyone who is still frustrated about Vindictus politics about ignoring theyr clients.,.
    it has been more than a half year since they merged servers and ip Blocked beta testers from Latvia Luthuania and other countries that seemed to bee under the Russian server.,. Like that even ever existed. in all the forums where we are looking for answer they just showe us into the closest corner of a trash can and ignore it.,. We were enuff players who wanted to play that game, but support team just ignoring us.,. we would be happy of they even could tell us Sorry there is nothing we can do. but no they just showe us down and ignore.,.

    • HNN

      The game is peer to peer, it would be horrible and makes no sense to play with someone from way overseas since the lag would be really bad

  • HNN

    Ah ok gotcha, yea that sucks, sorry to hear that