Vindictus previews the preview for the RISE Update

If you were eager to see what Vindictus NA has in store for the RISE Update (It's technically Rise:Revolution, however I deal with Vindictus KR more than NA), then you'll be quite happy to know that the Vindictus Community Team will be streaming some of the major changes in the RISE Update!

Taking place on the Vindictus Twitch channel, GMs Saygo and Ehgess will be taking a look at what exactly the RISE Update brings to NA - one of which we already know of: removal of Premium Enchant Runes.

The livestream starts June 20th, at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT, at the end of which, the Vindictus GMs will be raffling off some in-game packages that come with the RISE update, as well as some Vindictus T-Shirts! I own one of them, the quality is rather nice...I wonder where in my closet it's buried...