Vindictus previews the preview for the RISE Update

If you were eager to see what Vindictus NA has in store for the RISE Update (It's technically Rise:Revolution, however I deal with Vindictus KR more than NA), then you'll be quite happy to know that the Vindictus Community Team will be streaming some of the major changes in the RISE Update!

Taking place on the Vindictus Twitch channel, GMs Saygo and Ehgess will be taking a look at what exactly the RISE Update brings to NA - one of which we already know of: removal of Premium Enchant Runes.

The livestream starts June 20th, at 5:00 PM PDT / 8:00 PM EDT, at the end of which, the Vindictus GMs will be raffling off some in-game packages that come with the RISE update, as well as some Vindictus T-Shirts! I own one of them, the quality is rather nice...I wonder where in my closet it's buried...

  • This, if anything, is what will get me back into Vindictus. Any company that shows that they're willing to continue working on their engine, not just cashing in on more cash shop items and events, has my respect.

    • 100% Agreed. Miri looks like an interesting character to play as well. I quit Vindictus for FFXIV, but after the whole instance server fiasco, FFXIV just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

      • I can't imagine leaving Vindictus for FFXIV considering how different they are (I actually attribute Vindictus to be a lot like Black Desert Online, just with a different focus) but I also have a habit of running multiple games at one time. What happened with the instanced server fiasco again? From the sounds of it, it will be another one of those things that will pass, but perhaps it runs deeper than I initially thought.

        • Sorry for the late reply! Basically Square Enix, for reasons unknown to us, refuses to allow more than "n" users into a story-related instance. For reference, imagine playing as Ceara and every time you arrive at the Mercenary Training Outpost (the Level 1 instance), it auto-crashes and prevents you from joining, thus locking you out of the rest of Ceara's story.
          Now the messed up part here is that we KNOW the Instance server is working fine. At some point, SE released the lock on the instance and a few hundred players were able to get through. Now we can't enter once again.

          FFXIV is inherently different that Vindictus because FFXIV is a paid service. You purchased the expansion. You made plans to play with your friends. You took the day off of work, for crying out loud. When Heavensward launched there were long wait times to get in but the servers WORKED. Now Stormblood is out and the servers are working, but the instance server that handles this particular story is crapping out and letting only...say...ten players through for every thousand that try to enter. Paying for this product and then not being able to play it is going to cause FFXIV's player numbers to go downhill unless they pull a PR and Server miracle.