Vindictus Releases Their 12th Character, Miri, The Last Draker

It's been teased for a long time now, but the day is finally here - Vindictus's next character, Miri, The Last Draker, is finally out on NA! Miri brings her own massive slew of updates and bug fixes, as well as a sale on limited Outfitter items, and Golden Miri Events!

Miri is the twelfth playable warrior to join the battle against the tides of darkness. Her abilities include:

Flamebreath: Building up Miri’s unique Flamebreath resource and unleashing it with an array of skills and strikes can overwhelm opponents with dragon flame;

Slither: Darting past enemies like a quick and slippery snake can help Miri get the upper hand on positioning. Consuming Flamebreath creates devastating follow-up attacks;

Slice and Dice: Charging forward with the massive and deadly Dragonspine, players assuming Miri will slice through and stun anything in their way. Inflicting extra damage by consuming Flamebreath will ravage opponents;

Blazing Spine: Drawing on Miri’s dragon heritage, players can summon a massive ball of fire to unleash upon foes;

Ancestral Garb: Calling upon the mighty ancient dragons of yore, Miri transforms into a fearsome winged, armor-clad Dragon Knight. Embracing the lethal and unrestrained power of the transformation, Flamebreath can be used without limit to incinerate enemies with endless torrents of flame.

Probably the most important change so far is a secondary equipment improvement. Secondary Equipment are things such as Fiona's shields, Spellbooks, and Arisha's focus. Now, all characters - even Karok! - can equip these secondary items, known as "Totems." Totems come with their own specific enchant scrolls as well.

Additionally, Seals of Bravery have some new and exciting items.

With enough grinding, players can now get a free +13 weapon, provided they already have a +10. These stones are for level 90 weapons only, so the new Level 95 Dullahan Gear is exempt from this. Still, players still rocking the old Season 3 raid gear, such as Regina, Braha, Lord Glas Ghaibhleann, and Lugh Lamhfada gear will be easily able get their weapons to +13.

Lastly, with the release of Miri, Golden Time events come back to Vindictus. Once per account, all players who log on at specific times will be able to get free items, ranging from paid cash shop items, to AP Capsules.

  • December 9th: 10k AP Capsule
  • Dec. 10th: Special Enhancement Rune, protecting equipment going to +12
  • Dec. 16th: Scrappy Little Pouch, containing a rare Enchant Scroll
  • Dec. 17th: Premium Enchant Rune
  • Dec. 23rd: Additional Unbinding Coupon
  • Dec. 24th: Permanent Hair Coupon
  • Dec. 25th: Merry Christmas! Santa Outfit Selection Box
  • Dec. 30th: Hellish Handmaiden Comrade, 30th days
  • Dec. 31st: Sketchy Quality Coupon
  • January 1st: Happy New Year! Maximum +15 Enhancement Coupon, random chance to get a weapon between +10 and +15
  • January 6th: Triumph Medal 2x Potion Box
  • January 7th: Permanent Inner Armor Coupon