Vindictus reminds players the Final Weekend of the July Rune Sale is here

Did you know there would be an special update coming to Vindictus next week? I certainly didn't. However, it seems devCAT is more than happy to confuse and tease its playerbase by reminding players that the July Rune Sale has reached its final weekend.

We're a week away from our next update, and we're bringing out a trio of runes to help you get ready for your journey to Level 95.

That's rather odd, considering the Dullahan at 95 Update, which raised the level cap to 95, has already been out for over two weeks. Is it a slip of the tongue? Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell. As for the July Rune Sale itself - the chance to get Premium Enhancement Runes and Exquisite Enchant Runes from the cash shop is running out.

  • Premium Enhancement Rune: Protects items from failure when going from +10 to +11
  • Exquisite Enchant Runes: Guarantees a 100% Enchant success rate when Enchanting a weapon.

Both of these runes will no longer be in the cash shop after the maintenance on Wednesday, August 16th, but if Nexon's business practices in the past are anything to go by - they'll be back eventually.