VR Sandbox MMORPG OrbusVR Moving To Alpha Soon

A fair number of developers have been trying their hand at developing VR games ever since VR headsets became a thing a few years ago. One such game is OrbusVR, an MMORPG being developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive by independent game developer Ad Alternum Game Studios.

Orbus VR has all the trappings of a full-scale MMORPG including action-combat, open-world zones, quests, crafting, dungeons, and PvP. Raids will not be available in the initial release but will be added in the future.

The developers hold monthly stress tests to gain valuable feedback from the community. The latest pre-alpha test had around 700 participants who managed to rack up more than 580 hours of playtime. The game will be moving to Alpha in late March with more tests lined up along with Closed Alpha tests.

Ad Alternum will also be launching a brief Kickstarter campaign on March 6th. The campaign will only last for one week during which backers will be able to choose from a number of rewards, such as Market Stall permits, or the opportunity to have their likeness enshrined in the game forever.

Watch the OrbusVR team go dungeon crawling in the video below, or check out the official site and the dev blog for more info.