Warframe Plains of Eidolon Expansion Now Live

warframe plains of eidolon wallWhen Digital Extremes first released Warframe a few years ago, the game resembled a lobby-based shooter more than an MMO with each update bringing it one step closer to being a full-fledged MMORPG. The Plains of Eidolon expansion tipped the balance even further when it launched for the PC earlier today. The highly-awaited expansion introduces open-world environments, day/night cycles, new missions and challenges, a whole new chapter of lore, and a massive 10-story high boss.

Plains of Eidolon is the first-of-its kind Landscape for Warframe. The Open Zone design offers kilometers of colorful rolling hills and pastures, lively lakes and rivers, active mines and caves, all during a continual diurnal/nocturnal cycle for Tenno to soak up and enjoy. As many as 50 players can converge on the makeshift basecamp of Cetus, where the race of the Ostrons offer missions and challenges, and new weapons, armor and items to craft and customize to a degree never before realized in Warframe.”

Plains of Eidolon also features a ton of new content including new weapons, Syandanas, and helmets; a reworked Focus System; new Mod sets, achievements, and stances; and a brand new glass-themed Warframe called Gara. You can check her out in action in the video after the break.