Warpportal Takes Over As Ragnarok Online 2's Developer


Ragnarok Online 2 was mentioned a few times in our Weekly Raid that asked about the biggest letdowns, but it may become a little less of a letdown now that Warpportal is taking over as developer. The company knows that "players have wanted updates, changes, and fixes with many aspects of the game for some time now." By taking over as the developer, Warpportal is "confident" that they will have "the control necessary to achieve these goals."

Warpportal's takeover is supposed to happen within the month. To celebrate, Warpportal is running a login event until May 2nd that awards players a certain number of Immediate Refine Stones based on how much they play during the event period. A takeover sale is running from now until May 2nd, discounting a large portion of the game's cash shop items.