WEBZEN Announces 2016 Lineup, MU2 Enters Closed Beta In Korea On April 21st


WEBZEN announced its lineup of new titles for 2016 today. The company announced seven new titles in total. The titles are as follows.

MU2 Online is now called MU Legend. It will finally be entering Closed Beta in South Korea on April 21st. It will feature "powerful hack-and-slash combat, various PVP contents, and stunning graphics."

Shot Online and Continent of the Ninth Seal are both getting mobile editions.

The Beast is an action MMORPG with "a unique pet system" that is being developed for mobile. It is scheduled to release in May.

Another PC MMORPG called Light Fall has been announced, but very few details have been revealed.

The Soul of the Ultimate Nation and MU Online IPs both have new franchising projects in development. You may remember that MU: Origin was the first of WEBZEN's franchising attempts.

The titles announced are South Korea exclusives currently. WEBZEN sent out a trailer—embedded below—with short reveals of each title alongside the announcement.