Wizard City Gets A Graphical Makeover With The Wizard 101 July Update

wizard 101 new wizard cityWizard City just got a major facelift with the release of the Wizard 101 July update. The overhauled features updated graphics for Wizard City, Unicorn Way, and Olde Town.

The July update also introduces the revamped Character Creation, Character Selection, and Tutorials. NPC’s have also been given a makeover along with new talk animations. Players who prefer the old, less graphic-intensive visuals can revert to the original look by choosing Classic Mode in the Options menu.wizard 101 classic modeAside from graphics, sounds and music have also been updated for the above areas. In addition, players can now change their appearance by visiting the Magic Mirror Shop in Wizard City’s Shopping District. There’s also a new quest to become a Photomancer which can be acquired by visiting Annie Shutterbug in the Commons.wizard 101 master photomancerBut wait, there’s more. The update also includes the Azteca fishing, three new Monstrology Animus types, re-balanced Bad Juju skill in PvP, and a number of bug fixes. You’ll find the full rundown of changes on the Wizard 101 official site.