Wizard101 Gets A Bit Colder As Polaris Opens

Wizard101's previously announced Polaris expansion is here. Polaris is "a thrilling and chilling new world where players explore new lands full of powerful enemies like Rasputin and laugh at humorous events like the ballet of Bearishnikov" according to KingsIsle's vice president and creative director, Josef Hall. Hall also insists that you will "experience a once-in-a-lifetime advancement" in this expansion but doesn't afford any details.

This expansion also raised the level cap to 110. At level 108, you will learn new "shadow-enhanced" spells. New "epic gear and weaponry" can be found, with the jewels needed to enhance them not far behind.

Additionally, to help you get started in the frozen world that is Polaris, KingsIsle have launched a new bundle through GameStop. For $39, you receive a Polaris-themed house, a Narwhal mount, a "dyeable" penguin pet, a Polarian Explorer's gear and pickaxe, and either a one month subscription or 5000 crowns.

For more information, head to the official website.