Wizard101 Kicks Off New Story Arc WIth A New Candy-Themed Zone

wizard101 karamelle landscape bannerWizard101 has just opened the gates to a new candy-themed region aptly-named Karamelle. The colorful new region is the setting for the game’s new story arc and features zones like Rock Candy Mountains, Gumdrop Forest, and Sweetzburg as well as creatures like Chocolate Moose and Honey Badgers.

“Karamelle kicks off the Fourth Story Arc with a vibrant world full of more candy than a Wizard could ever imagine, but is something more sinister hiding beneath its sweet surface?”

According to KingIsle Entertainment, the new zones promises “secrets and mysteries hidden within the seemingly cheery world.” The level cap has also been bumped up to 140 and new spells, gear, and henchmen have been added to the game. Players can also expect improved PvP matchmaking, pet hatching and lending changes, new Castle Tours house categories, and stat balance changes among others.

“Wizard101 has always been known for a sense of whimsy and Karamelle really taps into that. After the intensity of Empyrea, players will have a chance to enjoy some silliness,” said Vice President of Product Management Craig Beers. “After that initial sugar rush, players will find there really is a deep story here carrying on the great narrative tradition of Wizard101.”

The full patch notes can be found on the Wizard101 official site. You can also check out the cutesy trailer below for an overview of the new Karamelle region.