World of Tanks Celebrates 4th Anniversary with 11M Players on Console

Four years since its explosive launch, World of Tanks Console is now celebrating its 4th anniversary with over 11 million registered players around the world.

Console fans of the tactical warfare simulator are in for some heavy duty treats. The festivities will run for approximately 2 weeks from February 9-28th, during which players will be able to log on and win a multiplayer match to redeem a free Raseiniai BT-7A, "a low-tier speedster terrorizing the field with its high-explosive-slinging cannon". Players will also be able to participate in 2 limited-time special anniversary Ops, aptly named "War Games" and "War Party", with increased XP rates and special rewards to be had for completing the event.

In 2017, World of Tanks saw 90,000 battles a day on console, with each player averaging 96 minutes daily. With over 90 million battles logged, the epic online tank game is going strong and does not look to be losing steam any time soon. Click below to view the newly released anniversary trailer to see more impressive stats and check out those guns at the artillery display.

  • World of Tanks has been a huge success, its just getting bigger and bigger!

  • MrGutts

    Gotta love tanks. Also pretty sure its the 4th anniversary for it being on Xbox, PS4 version came out years later.