World of Tanks Launches Patch 9.20, Massive 30v30 Tank Battles Arrive as Well

What kind of madman looks at a video game, and thinks to themselves, "lets make the biggest cluster**** that we can?" Apparently, the people behind World of Tanks are those kind of madmen. Patch 9.20 has arrived, and has brought with it a whole slew of changes. Mainly, there are a lot of vehicle changes. This is a massive balancing patch, with changes to just about every [...]

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World of Tanks Releases Statement Apologizing For YouTube Censorship Issue

world of tanks speakers

Last week, YouTuber SirFoch, released a video criticizing World of Tanks and Wargaming for their $80 pay-to-win Chrysler K GF premium tank. Wargaming responded by kicking SirFoch out of their promotional program and demanded that the video be taken down because it was, as Wargaming representative Ph3lan put it, slandering their brand. The studio further threatened to lodge copyright complaints [...]

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World Of Tanks Gets New 30v30 Frontline Mode

World of Tanks' Sandbox test server has returned and this time, it's bringing players a new 30v30 mode on 9km² battlefields called "Frontline." Players can jump into battle with upwards of five-player platoons and take part in battles featuring "multiple rounds with unique objectives for each team." Players are even able to redeploy and "service during battle." The Frontline mode [...]

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