World of Warcraft Adding New Way to Acquire Legendary Items

World of Warcraft players have long-since wanted a new way to easily, and directly, get a 100% legendary item for their specs. In the latest PTR update for World of Warcraft, players can purchase Purified Titan Essence from Arcanomancer Vridiel in Dalaran, for 175 Wakening Essences.

When used, a Legion Legendary item will be granted to the player, appropriate for their specialization. The item is bound on pickup, and that the Legendary item acquired this way does not affect chances to earn Legendaries through other methods.

Another important thing is that Awoken Titan Essence, used to upgrade Legendaries to item level 1000, is now available, sold by our friend Vridriel, as a vendor item. To get Awoken Titan Essences, you will need 50 Wakening Essences, and the quest to get Awoken Titan Essences has been removed from the game - though players can still turn it in, if they accepted it.