The World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Pre-Patch Is Live With A Few Surprise Changes

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After months of waiting plus a few extra hours for the servers to come online, World of Warcraft players finally got to dive in to the Shadowlands pre-patch last night. As expected, Blizzard Entertainment hit a few snags as soon as the floodgates opened on patch day including login queues, lag, and disconnection problems. Pre-patch 9.0.1, like previous pre-patches, gives [...]

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Catch Up To The World Of Warcraft Storyline In This Entertaining New Video

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As Blizzard Entertainment gears up for the eventual release of World of Warcraft Shadowlands and fans eagerly-await the pre-patch’s arrival (whenever that may be), now would probably be a good time to catch up on what’s happening in the game lore-wise. YouTuber Platinum WoW has published an informative, entertaining, and slightly comical 20-minute video to help get you up to [...]

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Blizzard Delays World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Expansion to 'Later This Year'

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Some unfortunate news for those that were looking forward to playing the new World of Warcraft expansion. Blizzard announced today that the upcoming Shadowlands expansion will be delayed to 'Later this Year'. It was set to launch on October 27th, but given the Coronavirus situation, it's not too surprising to see the game delayed, especially since Cyberpunk 2077, Magic Legends, [...]

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World Of Warcraft Removes Shadowlands Beta Release Flag, Beta Server Wipe Scheduled For Tomorrow

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With less than a month before the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion officially rolls out on the live servers, Blizzard Entertainment is working hard to get the release build up to scratch. A pre-patch is also expected to roll out within the next few days or weeks to help players prepare for their journey to the afterlife. Unfortunately, we still [...]

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World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Arrives On October 27

After months of waiting, Blizzard Entertainment has finally announced the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion release date during the Gamescom 2020 opening day. D-Day is on October 27th which gives the developers two months to iron out all the kinks before the expansion goes live. “Beyond Azeroth’s shattered sky, a realm of infinite afterlives awaits: the Shadowlands, where mortal souls [...]

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New World of Warcraft Animated Series Debuts At Gamescom 2020 This Thursday

world of warcraft afterlives windmill banner

As Blizzard Entertainment prepares to release the World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, the studio is giving fans something to tide them over with a new Shadowlands-themed animated series called Afterlives. Knowing Blizzard, the new animated shorts will probably introduce major characters and settings in the upcoming expansion similar to the Battle for Azeroth shorts that paved the way for the [...]

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