World Of Warcraft Previews Gnome And Tauren Heritage Armor Sets Coming With The Rise Of Azhara Update

world of warcraft heritage armor banner

All eyes may be on World of Warcraft Classic right now but Blizzard Entertainment is giving the original World of Warcraft a moment in the spotlight with a preview of the new Heritage Armor sets for Gnomes and Tauren. The Heritage Armor questline will be part of the upcoming Patch 8.2 a.k.a. the Rise of Azhara update. “Players with maximum-level [...]

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World Of Warcraft Marks New Allied Races Debut With Discounts To Race Change, Faction Change, & Character Transfer

world of warcraft allied races

The next installment of the Battle for Azeroth expansion brings with it the highly-awaited Kul’Tiran Humans and Zandalari Trolls. The new allied races will officially be making their debut in World of Warcraft later today. If you’d rather change the race of one of your max-level characters rather than go through the usual shenanigans, then you might want to check [...]

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