Players Can Now Switch Covenants In The Latest World Of Wacraft Shadowlands Beta Build

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In the upcoming World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion, choosing which Covenant to join will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the game since each Covenant offers different faction and class skills. Blizzard Entertainment, however, has just rolled out a new Shadowlands Beta build that will allow players to switch to a different Covenant whenever they feel [...]

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World Of Warcraft: ‘Time Runs Short’ For Battle For Azeroth Says Blizzard

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Shadowlands is coming. In a new post on the World of Warcraft official site, Blizzard Entertainment announced that time is running short for Battle for Azeroth and that players should start working on their unfinished business in Azeroth before they’re whisked to the afterlife. “When Sylvanas Windrunner shatters the veil between worlds, you’ll be leaving Azeroth behind—at least for a [...]

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Free Gender Change And New Flying Requirements Will Be Coming To World Of Warcraft Shadowlands

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As with all World of Warcraft expansions, there’s been a bit of a hype surrounding the upcoming Shadowlands expansion especially since the developers will be kicking off beta tests next week. Aside from new maps, zones, and factions, the highly-awaited expansion will also feature a number of quality of life improvements including additional customization options. In an interview with Eurogamer, [...]

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The World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Expansion Enters Beta Next Week

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Earlier today, Blizzard Entertainment held a World of Warcraft Twitch stream where Executive Producer John Hight announced their plans to start beta testing the upcoming Shadowlands expansion. He also showed off the Shadowlands collector’s edition box and contents which includes a Shadowlands artbook, mousepad, collector’s pins for each of the Covenants, and the official expansion soundtrack. “You'll be experiencing more [...]

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World Of Warcraft Low-Pop Servers To Be Connected To Larger Ones Over The Next Few Months

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Blizzard Entertainment has just announced their plans to connect low-population realms in World of Warcraft to existing realms with a larger population. The process will take place over the next few months during the scheduled maintenance period. Connected realms will be able to trade with each other, join guilds, and add each other to their friends list. “World of Warcraft [...]

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World Of Warcraft Kicks Off Huge Summer Sale

world of warcraft tides of vengeance

Blizzard Entertainment rings in the summer with a huge World of Warcraft summer sale featuring discounts on various cash shop items and the Battle for Azeroth expansion. The expansion’s price tag has been slashed from $50 to $20. The deluxe edition, which includes bonus in-game goodies, is also on sale for $30 instead of the original $70. Discounted cash shop [...]

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The Latest World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha Update Introduces Profession Changes

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The World of Warcraft Shadowlands Alpha test server was temporarily taken offline yesterday as Blizzard Entertainment worked out the kinks in the new Alpha update. The servers should now be up and running which means that testers can now enjoy the new profession changes that came with the latest update. “The Shadowlands Alpha now includes Brokers in the Hall of [...]

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New Tauren Customization Options And Other Visual Improvements Now Live On The World Of Warcraft Shadowlands PTS

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Aside from new zones, quests, and factions, the highly-awaited World of Warcraft Shadowlands expansion will also be coming with a whole host of quality-of-life improvements for the nearly 16-year old game. Among these upcoming improvements are expanded customization options for most of the playable races including more choices for skin tone, hair and eye color, and tattoos. Blizzard Entertainment has [...]

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