World Of Warcraft Brings Back The Midsummer Fire Festival On Both Retail And Classic

world of warcraft mmorpg midsummer fire festival night elf

The Midsummer Fire Festival returns to World of Warcraft in celebration of the hottest season of the year. This year’s event brings back the seasonal boss Frost Lord Ahune and daily quests that will reward players with Burning Blossoms that they can then turn in for a variety of rewards, including seasonal pets, heirlooms, toys, and a whole set of summer wear. The event is now live on both the Shadowlands and Classic server and will run until July 5th.

Meanwhile, Blizzard Entertainment is continuing to work on Wrath of the Lich King which will come with a new and improved Group Finder with a new look and modern code. The Dungeon Finder, however, will still be removed from the expansion regardless of how much players ask for the feature. Not to mention that it was released as part of the original expansion more than a decade ago.

Blizzard is also planning on granting a 50% EXP buff on existing Classic servers and the Fresh Start servers to give players a boost ahead of the expansion’s launch. Details can be found on the World of Warcraft official forums.