World Of Warcraft Senior Game Designer Leaves Blizzard For Mutant Arm Studios

world of warcraft classic gryphon dwarf

Over the past few months, Activision Blizzard has seen several veteran developers jump ship to fill positions in other development studios. One such developer is World of Warcraft Senior Game Designer and Lead Quest Designer Johnny Cash who has left Blizzard Entertainment for a position at Mutant Arm Studios, a relatively new Oregon-based studio that has yet to announce their debut game.

Cash started his career as an intern at Blizzard Entertainment and has worked his way up the ranks during his 12-year stint with the company. He has personally worked on several notable elements in WoW, including pet battles, the Talador zones in Warlords of Draenor, Stormsong Valley in Battle for Azeroth, and the Bastion in Shadowlands among others.


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